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Why is Fiore New Market special?

The Fiore 5 Newmarket brings together the best aspects of modern and luxury apartments with advantages of the first-class hotel lifestyle. It will be a place of comfort and serenity, laughter, and happiness. We are creating a luxurious and holistic environment to redefine apartment life. Wellness themes are also carried into the apartment designs. The Fiore 5 Newmarket will be a space of refined, privileged space with an unashamed focus on the self. In other words, it will be an oasis of luxurious tranquillity. Yet It will also be a source of social connectivity, inspiration, and community.
The Fiore 5 Newmarket will appeal to those who appreciate both the established value of Remuera and the global energy of the New Market. Residents will be able to enjoy a lot of Auckland’s finest outdoor spaces within a 15-minute distance, with excellent public transportation and easy access to the highway network.

How many floors are there in the building?

Fiore 5 Newmarket is an 11-story building with a G floor consisting of a retail shop, three floors of parking lots, and four to ten floors for apartments.

Who is the appointed construction company?

Kncc Limited is an appointed construction company. As a local company of NZ, Kncc Limited participates in the design from the initial stage of FIORE 1 to 4 and advises on buildability. Kncc Limited has abundant construction experience for high-rise buildings with 15 stories or more from FIORE 1 to 4, and FIORE 5 will also complete the construction without any problems. Kncc Limited is also a company specializing in reinforced concrete construction.

Is there a parking lot for my guests at the scene? Can I buy an additional parking lot?

Parking lots are not only available for purchase but also for long-term rental, and enough space is available after afternoon work.

There is no on-site parking lot for guests, but various parking lots are available within 150 meters. You will be able to purchase an additional parking lot if you have some spare time.

When is the construction likely to begin?

The construction will begin in September 2020, and the completion inspection will begin in July or August 2022 and be completed by early October 2022.

What are the building materials?

Building materials are reinforced concrete, steel and double glazed exterior aluminium windows. Up to the second floor of the parking lot, it will be finished with tiles with marbles attached, and concrete will also be finished with waterproof paint. The interior seeks splendour and luxury, especially elevators and surrounding corridors will be decorated with colourful marvel tiles. Balcony, stairway, and bridge-type passageways will seek cleanness, luxury and splendour through handrails constructed with aluminium columns and tempered glass. It will also be provided with white roll-screen curtains for exterior windows to emphasize the fineness. These modern materials have been chosen for their permanence and aesthetic appeal. The buildings will be built to meet or further excel the requirements of NZ building codes in all respects.


How many apartments will be built in the complex?

There will be 84 luxury residential apartments in the Fiore 5 Newmarket.

You say the Fiore 5 Newmarket Apartments support well-being. Can you tell me more?

The wellness theme that is established in the Wellness Centre and the common spaces is carried through into the apartments with potable water filtration, air filtration, air-conditioning, above-average internal acoustic design, privacy, security, warm colour palettes and orientation of the apartment to enhance sunlight and views.

In addition, facilities such as sauna, large shopping mall, Chinese mart, swimming pool, and fitness centre, and golf courses and beaches are located within 15 minutes’ distance, making life more diverse and happy.

Is the apartment free of charge?

All apartments will be given have freehold strata unit titles.

Can developers change specifications?

Yes, the contents of the contract cannot be changed, but may be changed in unavoidable circumstances, e.g. when the Council requests
a change or materials are not available. If the material is changed, the material will be reasonably practicable and will have the same quality and value as shown in the planning and overview specifications.

Does it include soft furniture?

No. Movable furniture must be installed by the purchaser, but kitchen electrical appliances or closets, which are fixed type furniture, are provided as ancillary facilities and high-quality German products will be installed. The contents can be checked through the contract.

Is there a warranty?

Waterproofing for leaks and guarantees for concrete structures can be guaranteed for defects up to 10 years, and for other defects, according to the developer’s obligation under the Building Act of 2004, site staff will be present up to 90 days from the date of issuance of the CCC and will be repaired for reported problems. In addition, we will complete the pre-inspection before moving in.

You will receive the Contractor’s normal warranty and the manufacturing and material warranty held by Body Corporation.


What is the Body Corporation fee?

The approximate fare is proportional to the value of each apartment and is available in show suites. It includes all expenses incurred in the maintenance, repair and maintenance of all common areas and gardens (including replacement), cleaning of building insurance, horticulture, and public spaces, wellness complexes and community services, and overall management and management of Body Corporation. The Body Corporation’s cost. These will be ‘remain’ to their owners. Body Corporation will be tasked with ensuring that all costs are reasonably and appropriately incurred and that these costs are transparent and audited annually or as agreed by Body Corporation. Fees will be paid in addition to Body Corporation fees.

Advantages of Site-Reinforced Concrete Construction

The reinforced concrete construction, which is the basis of the Fiore 5 Newmarket, has the following advantages.

• Concrete has excellent compressive strength, thermal performance, and fire performance, but low tensile strength and ductility. By adding steel with excellent tensile strength and ductility to concrete, reinforced concrete becomes
a very solid and economical building material. Concrete construction is expected to last more than 150 years.

• Concrete is not inherently flammable.
For small fires, the construction of concrete oval walls
will prevent damage to neighbouring units. Even in large- scale fires, the company greatly outperformed its steel construction performance. Concrete is easily repaired after a fire.

• On-site concrete construction is an integral structure that is constructed by pouring, forming, and curing on-site, and is almost perfect for waterproofing and earthquakes.

• As the concrete structure is continuously reinforced with horizontal reinforced steel, the construction of concrete on site is better than precast concrete construction in the event of an earthquake.

• The reason why on-site concrete construction is generally not used in the development of apartments in New Zealand is because construction costs increase if construction period is longer than precast concrete and there is a lack of skilled workers.


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